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Looking To Plan The Ultimate New York City Yacht Wedding?
Planning a New York yacht wedding aboard an illustrious yacht offers the perfect alternative to traditional catering halls, restaurants, or banquet style NYC weddings. While there is no shortage of wedding venues to choose from, when it comes to unique, interesting, and truly special venues, everyone’s pretty much “been there, done that” with all the area churches, synagogues, temples, hotels, ballrooms, and “traditional” wedding venues in New York.
For something extraordinary and truly different — choose a yacht wedding in the New York Harbor! It’s a supreme way to ensure your special NYC wedding night will be filled with everlasting memories of unprecedented luxury and breathtaking beauty. Our resident NYC Yacht wedding planners will professionally plan the ultimate NYC yacht wedding. We include everything from your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, reception and wedding; – all from aboard the New York yacht charter of your dreams.
Having a luxurious yacht wedding in NYC also allows you to provide a custom designed atmosphere, complimented by panoramic views, selective cuisine, world class entertainment and service. As soon as you and your yacht chartered guests feel the surrounding luxury, elegant decor and royalty like treatment from your very own professional event staff; you’re going to feel captivated beyond your wildest imagination.
Why a Charter Yacht is the Ideal NYC Wedding Venue


New York Harbor is ideal for charter yacht weddings — providing spectacular views of NYC at any time of year and every time of day. From New York’s early morning in the springtime to the late evenings of fall, you can set your wedding to a backdrop of iconic bridges, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the instantly-recognizable skyline of Manhattan and more.


Yachts For All Seasons is a Comprehensive Wedding Investment

Not only does a yacht wedding in NYC give you the ultimate unique wedding venue, it also comes with many of the products and services you’ll need, greatly simplifying your wedding planning. No, weddings hosted on yachts aren’t cheap. But when comparing NYC wedding venues, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, most of the churches and hotels that offer wedding services do not include any of the other wedding vendors — like catering, florists, wedding themes and decorations, and entertainment. When you price those wedding venues, you’ll have to add all those costs on top of that.
But when you opt for a NYC wedding charter yacht with Y4AS, you’re getting an all-inclusive price for themes, decorations, a venue for both the wedding and the reception (not to mention the ultimate photo venue!), the catering, and the entertainment you wish to use. We provide a variety of services from live bands to casino games so that you can match your entertainment perfectly to your wedding style and guest list.
Pick the Perfect NYC Charter Yacht for Your Wedding Size & Style
NYC Port View Yacht Charter NYC
There are almost 50 NYC charter yachts at Y4AS to choose from, meaning you can perfectly match the yacht to the type of wedding you want (traditional or modern, formal or informal), and match the size of the vessel to your guest list. You don’t have to crowd your 800 guests into a boat designed for 100 people, and you don’t have to rent a gigantic yacht designed for hundreds when you only want to invite 50 folks. The wedding planners at Y4AS can help you match the right vessel to your wedding ideals and guest list.
Having a yacht charter wedding also gives you amazing flexibility in choosing your officiant and how religious (or non-religious) you want your ceremony and vows to be. For example, some couples just don’t feel “married” if a minister or rabbi didn’t officiate. Others want to steer clear of the religious altogether, opting for a family friend or other officiant to oversee their vow exchange. On a boat, you aren’t restricted the way you might be in some of the religious NYC wedding venues. Hey, your cousin can get her license to marry on the Internet and perform the ceremony, if you like!


Just Think How Beautiful Your Wedding Photos Will Be on a NYC Charter Yacht!


Have you considered the wedding photo opportunities on a NYC charter yacht? Any time of year, you can get stunning photos of you guys with the area’s most famed bridges in the background, as well as sites like Ellis Island and Manhattan. For fall weddings, you might consider a cruise up the coast toward Connecticut for some spectacular shots of the foliage in full color. Winter brings the festive lights and decorations (and some really cool-looking ice around the harbor, if the season is cold enough). Summer gives you the opportunity to dress in delightful sleeveless wedding dresses and opens up endless possibilities for the bridesmaids’ dresses!

Just picture yourself aboard the yacht of your dreams as you dance the night away around the beautiful New York Harbor; cruising under some of New York’s landmark bridges with lights brilliantly illuminated around you. The countless stories that can unfold will be endless! As the many past wedding couples will tell you, getting married on a yacht in beautiful NYC was the experience of a lifetime their hearts so longed for. If you’re spending the rest of your life with your chosen loved one, wouldn’t you want your special day to be one for the ages? We think so too!


Other Wedding Events to Host for a NYC Yacht Wedding


Maybe a charter yacht isn’t ideal for your wedding, because the groom gets seasick or the bride’s mom has her heart set on you guys marrying in the church. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams! Y4AS also hosts bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and reception dinners.


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